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Study with a ‘NEW’ company? You should choose someone more ESTABLISHED.

HRC Online are a ‘NEW’ company you should study with someone more ESTABLISHED.

So let’s talk about what NEW really means.

Innovation and Advancement 🚀

Creation of content that is focused on current affairs from a pool of nearly 50 specialist professionals sharing their ideas, solutions and experiences so you can understand how you can apply your learning immediately to your workplace, giving an immediate return on investment – YUCK.

Adaptability and Agility 💡

A company that can listen to its learners and make immediate changes because things haven’t become so institutionalized and connected to shareholders’ profits that change is easy and simple. Such as creating an open calendar so students can book a face-to-face tutorial (Via Google Meet)on demand – MADNESS.

Perspectives 👀

A company that brings a fresh perspective to the world of online learning by understanding that not everyone wants to learn the same way and some people need more support, guidance and communication so they can build their confidence. – SILLY IDEA


More choices and more options put the power back in the hands of the potential students, and when people decide what is important to them, companies can either improve their offerings or lower their prices, meaning a better and more competitively priced product for everyone. – EWWW NO!

Yeah, we are ‘NEW’, but we are not going anywhere and soon enough, you will need to think about how you improve the quality of your learning experience if you want to compete as the ‘THEY ARE NEW’ isn’t going to last for much longer.

12 months old and already award-nominated training. NOT BAD, NOT BAD.



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