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Some amazing and quite frankly ‘off the wall’ ideas to help you study

Studying! I am not sure if there is anyone in the world who loves it as much as everyone at HRC Online does. But not everyone is as crazy about learning as we are. So we’ve collected some of our favourite study tips in one place, in the hope, it will help you ace that final exam or assessment. These are the techniques that made us laugh, cry or think – sometimes all at the same time.

Always enter the exam hall with your right foot first

We don’t know what it is about your pesky left foot but entering an exam hall with your right foot is one of the most popular superstitions we hear when trying to ace that exam. So next time you’re about to take a critical test, put your best foot forward.

Make yourself laugh before you start.

The theory is that laughter will release endorphins, which will make you relax and allow your brain to chill out too. While this one brings up visions of the invigilator telling knock-knock jokes as they are handing out examination papers, there is a lot of research about the positive impact of laughter.

Soak almonds in water the night before the exam and eat them in the morning

We are still not sure why soaking the almonds is part of this process, but consuming food is part of many superstitions, whether eating almonds, fish or ensuring you have a high fibre breakfast. A study from Cardiff University in 2015 tracked 5000 nine-eleven-year-olds from more than 100 Welsh primary schools and was able to find a link between children who ate breakfast and academic achievement. So get those almonds soaking.

Study when sleepy

The theory on this one is if you study before you go to sleep, your brain finds it easier to strengthen new memories and put them into long term storage, so there is an increased chance you’ll remember whatever you reviewed before you go off to the land of nod.

Walk backwards

The theory on this one is that you are aiming to hit your brain’s rewind button. Now before you call this one crazy, it has been tested with a study. People who walked backwards were better able to recall a test video than those who walked forwards or stood still.

It even has a name called ‘Mnemonic time-travel effect’ What isn’t clear in this study is if when they started walking backwards, they started on their right or left foot.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Most know that doing an all-night study session requires music to keep the motivation, attention and focus going. Still, this advice is in the form of regular dance breaks to get the blood circulating back around your body and release endorphins so you can once again focus on your assessment. Maybe not one for the exam hall…

Write in Time New Roman

Yes, the font has everything to do with your study success. We have been reliably informed as, after all, Times New Roman is the fastest font to read… right?


HRC Online give be the best advice they are amazing

HRC Online give be the best advice they are amazing

HRC Online give be the best advice they are amazing

HRC Online give be the best advice they are amazing


The first one is Times New Roman. We are unsure about this one, but reading your work is essential.

Teddy bears’ picnic

Crazy title, but we thought this was a great idea. After you have finished studying a subject matter, call together a council of your favourite stuffed animals and teach them what you have learned. The act of teaching will allow you to understand the subject better and explain it to others, which is what you will have to do when writing an exam or assessment. 

Rarely do you have to explain what you have learned until that dreaded exam of the assessment day, so getting used to explaining it seems like a great way to ensure you have understood a subject. 

When you are ready to take the next step give us a call, in the meantime let us know which of these tips and tricks you are  going to be using the next time you find yourself in need of additional study support.



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