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LET’S TALK HR! – Change

In this episode of LET’S TALK HR! we take on the small topic of change by talking about models such as:

  • Lewin’s change management model
  • The McKinsey 7-S model
  • Kotter’s theory: Coaching people through change
  • The “Nudge” theory of change management
  • The 5 goals ADKAR for successful change management
  • Bridges’ transition model
  • Kübler-Ross’ change curve
  • The Satir change management model

Change is inevitable, but how do you, as HR professionals, support people in being ready for change and embracing it.

This is the question we will try and answer in this session.

The questions we put to the panel are:

  • Models for Change
  • When people are resistant to change
  • Adoption curve
  • Change Fatigue  Oversharing during change Successful change stories 
  • Unsuccessful change stories Compassion During redundancies
  • What organisations need to change in 2022 



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