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LET’S TALK HR! – Changing Labour Market

Was the great resignation the biggest bluff in candidate history to get hybrid working embedded within working lives?

In this episode of LET’S TALK HR!, guests covering three continents talk about the labour markets, what we are seeing, and our recommendations for  HR professionals.

Topics covered are:

  • Getting a career coach
  • Benefits organisations offer
  • Working with a recruitment consultant
  • The current options you have as a candidate
  • Big project recruitment
  • Letting people leave to develop themselves 
  • New people = New ideas

LET’S TALK HR! is part of our dynamic Content commitment to the HR industry. 

We know the world moves at a thousand miles an hour, and HR professionals need to think about ever-evolving local and global issues, especially when studying for an HR qualification. We have decided to make our live content open to EVERYONE!. Every week HRC Online and guests will talk about an issue in HR (connected to the qualification) and post it on our YouTube channel. 

We want you to study with us, but if you don’t. We hope our live events can play some part in your journey to becoming amazing.



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