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Studying With HRC Online

Understanding Our Approach to CIPD Study

Choosing the right study provider for online courses can take a lot of time and effort. Everyone seems to offer the same services at different prices, and with nothing physical to look at, it’s hard to know which option fits best for you.

That’s why we at HRC Online have decided to demystify elements of our organisation to offer potential learners a more transparent look at our business. We also see this as a great opportunity to answer our most commonly asked questions and post them for all to see!

What support do I get?

Upon enrolling you will get assigned your very own Learning Engagement Mentor. They are your first port of call for all queries concerning our Virtual Learning Environment, submission, word count and assessments.

You will also get access to a tutor, offering assistance with more technical questions about your work or what is expected of you from within the qualification. They are on hand for 1-to-1 meetings and can provide a helping hand when you’re feeling a bit stuck.

Make sure to check out our Trustpilot reviews to hear what our learners think:

How do I contact support?

We like to keep this as simple as possible and provide you with a link to your tutors’ calendar. The calendar is live, showing you available slots for meetings that can be booked at your earliest convenience. No pre-approval is needed for these meetings and there’s no limit on how often you can get support, you simply book yourself in and attend the meeting.

There is nothing worse than needing help and having to wait to hear back from someone, or feeling like you have nowhere to turn to in the first place and we firmly believe that our support structure is the key to our students’ success.

Is this course OnDemand?

Yes! This is a very common one, and to properly answer this question I think it’s important to go over what “on-demand” means. The term refers to the learning content being made available online at all times, or, on-demand. This is not the same as online live classes, as those are delivered live. Instead, we have developed and uploaded the CIPD material to our Virtual Learning Environment and made it accessible with your own unique login.

Content is delivered in a variety of ways, whether it be pre-recorded videos from a tutor, a CIPD standard document or some creative content delivered by our new AI models. These videos and documents will always be available through our online portal, no matter when you want to study. This option allows for flexibility with your studies and allows you to make progress at your own pace, both very sought after by working professionals.

How quickly can I complete the course?

Our CIPD L3 course has a 3-month minimum completion time and our CIPD L5 course has a 4-month minimum completion time. You are only allowed to submit 2 modules for marking at a time to ensure your tutors can offer the best service possible, as well as ensuring that you are focused on the correct content should you need to make changes. For this reason, the minimum completion times help us to keep track of students and their individual progress.

What if I finish early on a payment plan?

It’s simple, you can either settle the balance of your account upon completion to receive your certificate straight away, or wait the remaining period before receiving your certificate. We will not penalise you for finishing early, and are always happy to see success!

Can I switch providers?

It is always an option, but policies can differ from provider to provider. We are always available to advise on what is needed to move across, and with the right documentation can help learners start on our platform without them needing to resubmit modules or start again.

These questions are just some of what we get asked, however, should you have any other questions or wish to discuss any of the above we are here to help!



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Studying With HRC Online

Understanding Our Approach to CIPD Study Choosing the right study provider for online courses can take a lot of time and effort. Everyone seems to

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