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Feedback is Essential

None of that 💩 sandwich malarky

Feedback needs to be more than just complaining about what you do not like.

Well, learners on the HRC Online qualification have been nailing it recently, so much so that I have pretty much lost my entire weekend to marking.

When you are faced with a pile of paper the size of a car, you can either take the efficient route so you can enjoy that BBQ in the torrential rain that is the British summer, or you can realise that people have put much effort into these assessments and they deserve feedback.

⭐ Feedback is essential if you want people to grow.

Yes, I have read the pros and cons of two different organisational structures probably around 300 times and know exactly what CIPD is looking for. Still, the person receiving that feedback hasn’t, and we need to realise sometimes that just because we understand something upside down and back-to-front feedback is an essential way for others to learn.

⭐ Feedback isn’t about just pointing out the bad

I see so many people who only give Feedback on the mistakes but refrain from reflecting on what was done correctly; what is done well is an essential part of the feedback process, especially if you want them to continue doing it.

I had a learner who received a high pass on a 4,500-word assignment. I wrote 657 words in my Feedback, 14% of the assessment word count. Additionally, they have a one-to-one meeting scheduled to review the Feedback.

Here are some tips if you’re due to give someone feedback.

⭐ Stay focused on the problem rather than the person.

⭐ Remain objective and empathetic.

⭐ Give actionable suggestions on how to improve.

⭐ Give clear examples.

⭐ Offer support.

⭐ Point out what they’re doing well.


Remember, None of that 💩 sandwich malarky.



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