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HRC Online – Annual Review 2023

Annual review - 2023

Here are the results of our annual student survey.

Overall Rating for HRC Online: 9.2/10
This is good, and our target is to stay above nine as even more learners start joining our course.

Tutor Support: 8/10
While this is good, we wanted to improve this, so we have introduced an open calendar booking system so learners can book a Google Meet session with a tutor at a time and date that suits them.

Learning Support Mentor: 8/10
The mentor is an essential part of the HRC Online learning experiance, having someone checking in on you and ensuring you’re progressing.

Tutor Videos: 9.4/10
Excellent videos by Gary Cookson, Kavita Brown and others create a short introduction to content elements to ensure you know what is assessed and taught in this section.

Quizzes: 8.2/10
The Quizzes are used at the end of a content section to ensure you have understood the main learning points.

Learning Structure: 9/10
This is our assessment-focused learning approach, where we start with the assessment and help you build it up throughout the unit. A bit like a portfolio of evidence

LET’S TALK HR! – Series: 8.2/10
Open education is supported by over 30 excellent specialists who freely and openly share their knowledge and experiance as professionals to help you improve. LTHR (LET’S TALK HR!) is open-source education free for all

We have two upcoming sessions.
LTHR – Is it Banter –
LTHR – Sick Leave –

You won’t find another CIPD provider that offers FREE specialist education. (Over 24 hours of LTHR has been made)

Online Platform: 9/10
Our online platform is simple and guides you through. Available on all devices and designed to help you build your assessment as you study

Assessment Feedback: 9/10
Feedback is the key to success; this is how we help people improve their study approach and assessments. So often, you can see what people need to improve in their learning journey by how they approach their assessment. So, I would like to ask you for detailed feedback.

Is HRC Online value for money: 9.4/10
We are not the cheapest and not the most expensive, but we are so proud of this score on value for money. We are committed to helping you pass run many expensive processes such as open calenders and learning mentors, and we are proud that this is valued too highly.



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